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Admission requirements

Academic Requirements

The Admissions Committee, who will evaluate an applicant’s capacity to do academic work within the Medical Program, will assess all student applicants. Evaluation is also carried out on Grade Point Averages (GPA) from individual colleges and universities, MCAT (if taken) and letters of recommendation. However, academic background is not the main criterion for selection. Individual character and motivation to become a physician are essential determinants for admission.

The minimum requirement for admission to the Medical School is 90 semester hours of college level work. However, a baccalaureate degree is preferred.

The admissions committee has no preference for an undergraduate major. However, college studies should include:

One Year of English Study
One Year of General Chemistry with Laboratory
One Year of Organic Chemistry with Laboratory
One Year of Biology with Laboratory
One Year of College Level Mathematics
• One Year of College Level Physics with Laboratory
A generous exposure to studies in the humanities and their disciplines

Required Documentation

Below is a list of additional information you will be required to submit to the admissions office prior to beginning your studies.  Please feel free to contact our U.S. administrative office with any questions regarding submittals or supporting documentation requirements. 

The following documents are required once the student has been granted admission to the University and the School of Medicine: 

Official AUSOM Application
Current Curriculum Vitae
Essay of career expectations and brief autobiography
• Official transcripts from all schools attended
• Two letters of recommendation (one academic and one personal)
• Police Clearance - Either submitted directly to the Admissions office from your Local police department, or a National Background Check Online
• Two recent passport-sized photos of the applicant
• A valid passport (copy must be submitted to the Admissions Office)
MCAT scores if available (but not required)
• Application fee of $90

In addition, for 5th semester in the U.S. and U.S. clinical rotations;

Immunization Record/Health Certificate to include: (rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, and tuberculin test within past year). Form available under downloads.

Valid visa for entry into the U.S. for non-U.S. citizens.  Obtaining a visa is the responsibility of the student, Atlantic University does not have any authority to issue or influence issuance of any visa. We can act in only an advisory capacity but will provide assistance within the scope of the institution.